Jill Hall - Brown Co. Ohio Auditor

Auditor Duties

The Brown County Auditor's responsibilities include:

Chief County Auditing Officer

    • Chief Fiscal Officer of the County
    • Chief Assessor of the County
    • Chief Payroll of County
    • Agent for the Ohio Tax Commissioner
    • Sealer of Weights and Measures

Real Estate Taxes and Rates

    • Prepare General Tax List (annually)
    • Certify the tax rate to the Ohio Department of Taxation
    • Calculates, annually, bond and emergency levy rates
    • Special Assessments

Real Estate Appraisal and Assessment

    • Appraise and assess every parcel of land and building

General Accounting

    • Chief Fiscal Officer in the County
    • Paymaster for all County employees
    • Prepares Annual Financial Report

Manufactured Housing

    • Assess and prepares a separate manufactured home tax list for those taxed as Personal Property and those taxed "Like Real Estate"

Property Tax Rollback and Homestead Exemption

    • Administers the rollback of property taxes to all taxpayers
    • Administers the reduction for residential and agricultural parcels
    • Administers Ohio's Homestead Exemption Program

Weights and Measures

    • Sealer of Weights and Measures
    • Insures that all laws relating to weights and measures are strictly enforced
    • Protect public from loss which may occur from faulty measuring devices
    • Performs spot checks on prepackaged items to test the weight of the contents


    • Issue license for dogs, kennels, vendors and cigarettes

Additional Board/Commission Duties

    • Secretary of the Budget Commission
    • Secretary of the Board of Revision
    • Member of the Tax Incentive Review Council
    • Member of the Records Commission